The Bank is working since last 58 years having its area of operation in the entire State of Maharashtra having 28 branches having Registration No. BUD/BNK/101/1962. The Head Office is situated at “Dhanshree”, Buldhana Road, Malkapur, Dist. Buldhana. The Bank is engaged in regular banking operations as per the RBI norms having Banking License No. UBD/MH/805 P dated 26.12.1986. The bank is classified as a Tier II bank since the Bank is having mixed business for more than 1000 cr. & having Branches in multi-districts.

Shri Chainsukh Sancheti is the Chairman of the Bank. Shri D.M.Saoji is the Chief Executive Officer since 31.08.2003 of the Bank.

The Bank's branch network is at 28 branches as on date. The Bank has installed ATMs at all the branches & all the ATM’s are in the network of NPCI.

The total number of regular members stood at 17621 as on March 31,2017. The paid-up share capital of the bank stood at Rs.2862.35 lakh as on 31.03.2017 and Reserves at Rs. 1635.29 lakh. The Bank is having Deposit base of Rs. 85965.35 lakh, Advances of Rs.57138.17 lakh and Investment of Rs. 19651.17 lakh as on 31.03.2017.

The bank has complied with the minimum regulatory prescription of CRAR at 9.00% as on March 31, 2017 by maintaining CRAR at 10.94%. The bank has thus, adequate CRAR in terms of the regulatory requirements. The Net NPA of the Bank stood at 2.89% as on March 31, 2015. The Bank had made profit from more than 50 years. The Bank had not defaulted in maintaining CRR & SLR as per regulatory requirements. Thus, the Bank has awarded Audit Classification “A “by Statutory Auditors since more than 40 years.

The bank is also involved in carrying out services towards the society at large. For these purpose bank has created a social welfare fund and transfers certain amount every year in the fund.

The bank has created member welfare fund. Out of this fund the bank gives financial assistance to the members of the bank for the diseases like cancer, heart diseases, kidney diseases etc.