The Malkapur urban Co op Bank Ltd, Malkapur is at the leading level in the co-operative sector.Implementation of the latest Services and Facilities is the main target of the Bank.Bank has 212 Employees working as a team to fullfill the requirements of the customer to the end. Due to good understanding among the officers and their Collegues Banks Reaching towards Success.Bank Always focus on the training and the smartwork of the the employees,so bank Send the employees to various training places like Yashada Pune,Vaikunthbhai Mehata,Sahkari Prabandh Santha Pune,Dhananjay Gadgil etc.The agenda of the bank is clear and simple that each and every employee of the the bank must be educated so it is helpfull for employee and for the bank.Some Bank Employees Preparing for the upcoming JIIB Exam held May-2016.


Statutory Audit

Bank's Statutory Audit done by Kaloti and lathiya Amaravati and they give bank as grade 'A' bank.Banks work flow and progess exmined by them they were fully satisfied.

Con-current Audit

As per government and the RBI instruction's bank has implemented the Con-current Audit verification.so bank goes through the process with the help of M Ashok R. Verma and company, and they help's bank to correct the errors during bank work,and to make the bank work fluent.